Intensive Revision course by topic (2.5 hours)

Qualification Programme (QP)

Module 6 - Financial Accounting (M62001)


Course Objective:

The intensive revision course is designed to refresh students’ technical knowledge, enhance application skills and improve exam techniques.


The course (Course Code: M62001) covers the following topics:

  • Prepare a statement of cash flows for a single entity
  • Provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets

This course is conducted in Cantonese, supplemented by English Notes

Date, Time and Fees:

Course Start Date – [to be confirmed]

Course Time – [1430 to 1700]


Registration procedures:

1. New students please register directly via WhatsApp 5125 2772

2. All students whose registration is confirmed will receive a confirmation of course registration via WhatsApp.

3. Registration is closed one week before the course starts

Payment methods:
1. After the course registration is confirmed, the tuition fee shall be paid three days before the first class.
2. Once a student signs up, the paid tuition will not be refunded or transferred to others. Except for the insufficient number of applicants, students should go to class as scheduled.
3. Tuition fees can be paid in [cash] or [PayMe]. For payment information, please WhatsApp 5125 2772.

4. Students use [PayMe] to pay tuition fees,

After the course registration is confirmed, we will send the QR code of the tuition fee to you,

After you receive the QR code, please pay within three days, and we will reply to confirm as soon as possible.