學生/家長評語: Testimonials:


Catherine Stables: Student (Associate Degree) Course: Financial Accounting

"I came to Ricky with zero knowledge in financial accounting. However his teaching was perfect for beginners, making sure I understand the basic knowledge of accounting such as t accounting, what is credits? what is debit? then moving on to tricky ones such as statement of cash flow. He helped me with my homework and making sure it was correct and most importantly making sure I understand the tactics, thats allows me to use in both my mid term and exams. Thanks to his tactics and his method of teaching, I was able to passed my course."


Kenny: Student (Master Degree) Courses: 1.Financial Accounting, 2.Financial Management and 3.Management Accounting

“Ricky always patience in guiding me to enrich my accounting knowledge which is crucial on my continuous study for the professional qualifications”


Anson: Student (Associate Degree) Course: Financial Accounting

"Ricky 是位經驗豐富的會計導師,他耐心教導,會了解學生的疑難,因材施教,解決學生的問題,能與家長保持聯絡,跟進學生的進度,從而提升學生的成績!"


Zoe: Student (Higher Diploma) Course: Financial Accounting

"financial accounting 補習課。Ricky Sir 你教學的確唔錯,簡單易明兼備課充足。而且好有耐性講到我明為止,多謝你既教導🙇🏻‍"


Miko: Student (Higher Diploma) Course: Financial Accounting

"謝謝Ricky sir幫我補financial accounting,assignment 同 exam都考得好好成績!謝謝你的心機及耐性去教導!"


Rachel: Student (Master Degree) Courses: 1.Financial Accounting, 2.Business Economics and 3.Financial Management





Yan: Student (Diploma) Course: Financial Accounting

"一對一 解釋詳細  重點簡單易明  Tip題準  輕鬆應付考試👍"


Monique: Student (Advanced Diploma) Courses: 1.Basic Accounting, 2.Intermediate Accounting (I), 3. Intermediate Accounting (II), 4.Business Statistics and 5.Financial Management



Janice: Student (Professional Diploma) Courses: 1. Financial Management and Reporting for Transport and Logistics



Anis: Student (Master Degree) Course: Financial Accounting



Shirley: Student (Master Degree) Course: Financial Management

"An experienced Tutor in all areas of finance.

Highly qualified and capable in teaching that can meet the expectations of beginners and MBA students alike.

Provides individual tutoring in a cozy environment that makes the learning more relaxing and comfortable.

Offers compassionate and enthusiastic assistance to students to meet their individual needs

Flexible tutoring time to accommodate the students’ tight daily schedule.

Helps a struggling student to gain a better understanding of finance and finally passing the exam."


Marco: Student (Higher Diploma & Bachelor’s Degree) Courses: 1.Financial Accounting, 2.Economics, 3.Business Statistics, 4.HK legal system, 5.Strategic Management, 6 Business Ethics and 7.Financial Management.

"Hi Ricky, Thank you for your assistance in giving my son a deeper and clearer insight on various subjects throughout the higher diploma program and his degree for the past three years. The study direction throughout the course is quite helpful to him. Thank you once again. Best wishes."


Yoanna: Student (Bachelor’s degree: Year 2 - Year 4) Courses:  1.Corporate Financial Management, 2.Hong Kong Taxation, 3.Advanced Hong Kong Taxation, 4.Financial Accounting, 5.Advanced Financial Accounting and 6.Corporate Capital Budgeting.

"I really enjoyed the courses from Ricky as all assignments and tests are prepared exactly for the examination. It is because the practical part that is good to solve real problems with knowledge you just learnt. Most importantly, when you have learning difficulties, Ricky will always teaching you patiently.  Ricky was very good at telling the students when things were due and where to find all the material needed to correctly answer the questions you asked.  The most thing i liked about the Ricky’s course was he were nice and extremely helpful. I can proud of said that he is a good teacher you’ve met. He is not only teach you learnt from the school lesson, he also shares his life experience when you have troubles. I appreciated very much the fact of having Ricky always willing to help."



Winston: Student (Bachelor’s degree) Courses: 1.Hong Kong Taxation and 2.Management Accounting



Jess: Student (Master Degree) Courses: 1.Financial Accounting and 2.Hong Kong Taxation

"It is a pleasure to recommend Ricky as your private tutor of finance and accounting related professional subject and examination. Ricky demonstrates particular strengths in training and guiding the students to understand and answer the questions by practicing lots of different question examples. He is very patient and sincere to explain the problems that students usually meet which is very helpful for answering the questions in the examination."


Chermaine: Student (Master Degree) Course: Intermediate Accounting

"Ricky sir 的教學在能了解學生的情況下,點對點的應學生的能力去將比較空泛的邏輯具體的闡述出來,令學生容易掌握"


Maggie: Student (Master Degree) Courses: 1.Financial Management, 2.Accounting for corporations and 3.Hong Kong Taxation

"好清楚呀 因為上堂都比較空泛 但你講完會比較容易明白 你分好section黎講會容易啲吸收"


Ivan: Student (Bachelor’s degree) Courses: 1.Hong Kong Taxation and 2.Management Accounting

"Ricky在Hong Kong Taxation和Management Accounting這兩個Modules上幫助了我很多,上他的tutorials時,他耐心講述課程的內容,還不時給予額外的練習讓我操練,臨近考試時還提供免費的mock exam讓我熟習考試形式和答題技巧,最終我才能取得不錯的成績。"


Joanne: Student (Bachelor’s degree) Courses: Current Issue in Financial Management



Jessica: Student (Postgraduate) Courses: 1. Managing Business Strategy and 2. Financial Management



Gabriella: Student (Bachelor’s degree) Courses: 1.Hong Kong Taxation, 2.Strategic Management Accounting, 3.Auditing, 4.China Tax, 5.Business Ethics, 6.Strategic Management, 7.Financial Statement Analysis, 8.Financial Reporting, 9.Financial Statement Analysis, 10.Advanced Financial Accounting Studies, 11.Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship, 12.International Tax, 13.Internal Auditing and 14.Risk Management, 15.Taxes and Business Strategy

"Thank you for your help.  I think you are willing to answer my questions and look at the questions I am not sure. You can give me suggestions of the framework to memorialise rules in taxation.  You can point out the strengths and weaknesses accurately. You can advise me on the skills for exams."


Christy: Student (Bachelor’s degree) Course: Hong Kong Taxation

"First, I would like to thank you for Ricky. Although I have just having one class with him before the taxation examination, he taught me the technique and important items that I had to pay attention in the exam. Again thank you 🙏🏻"


Angel: Student (Master Degree) Courses: Financial Management

"多謝牙sir ,份finance assessment 终於交左,完全沒finance底之下最後都可以短時間之內都幫到我全部問題呢"


Sophia: Student (Bachelor’s degree) Course: 2.Financial Accounting and 2.Management Accounting

"I think it is very nice to have the lesson one to one as you are able to teach me things in details. I think the practice of going through (e.g. accounting) exercises with me makes me know what I truly understand and what I do not understand clearly. Whenever I encounter difficulties, you are able to solve my confusion steps by steps. It is not only about finishing the assignments in lesson but truly understand the concept behind it."


Eunice: Student (Postgraduate and HKICPA QP Exams) Courses: 1. Hong Kong Taxation, 2. Auditing and 3. HKICPA QP Module D: Taxation (Professional Examinations)

"好感動 Thanks for ur help"


Jessie: Student (Bachelor’s degree) Course: Corporate Finance

"Ricky’s tutorial unlike other tutorial centre, he encourages students to step back and reconsider the practices in reality. He gave out many corporate examples from reality to invite student to ponder the nature of finance. His teaching also puts calculations into a form that is understandable to students instead of learning by note."


Kathy: Student (HKIAAT Public Professional Examinations) Tutorial on Examination Paper 4 – Business Economics and Financial Mathematics

"I'm Kathy, I'm a part-time student when I was studing AAT.  At that moment, I was feel very hard to pass the pubic examination of AAT if only workout the past paper and find that cannot solve some question in it.  As Financial Management of AAT, it was lucky can invite Ricky as my tutor for guiding me the key point of each chapter and how to the apply in related question.  The important thing is that Ricky can explain the background and the application of some related equation and calculation.  Ricky, who is very nice and patiently to explain with different dimension, therefore, I can easily to get the point and improve my understanding."


Kester: Student (Bachelor’s degree and HKICPA QP Exams) Courses: 1.Financial Accounting, 2.Financial Management, 3.Financial Reporting, 4.Management Accounting and 5.HKICPA QP Module A: Financial Reporting (Professional Examinations)

"Ricky is a very good tutor on helping me on my Module A QP and my university final year exams. He was well organized, topics flowed logically and examples were clear. His enthusiasm for the topic really showed through his tutorial and helped engage me in learning.  He was able to clearly explain complex topics and nuances patiently."


Stephanie Sandidge: Student (HKICPA – Conversion Programme and HKICPA QP Exams) Course: 1. Cost and Management Accounting and 2. HKICPA QP Module A: Financial Reporting (Professional Examinations)

"Ricky is very knowledgeable in Cost and Management Accounting. He was very patient and able to modify his teaching to my specific needs and my areas of weakness. Ricky was able to explain concepts from different angles in order to enhance my understanding of each topic. Ricky’s teaching style helped show me the connection between different types of questions across different topics. I know feel comfortable in tackling any CMA question and have gained a deeper understanding of the topics which will be beneficial as I continue my studies. Thanks so much Ricky!"


Maggie: Working adult student, Operation Manager (Solving technical problems at work) tutorial on accounting and taxation issues