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會計及財務導師 Tutor Ricky 能為同學們提供會計及會計相關專業考試輔導,根據每位學生學習要求和進度,特別為同學們度身訂造合適的補習課程,有效率及有系統教學,讓同學在短時間掌握課程結構和重點,展示在技術問題中如何應用相關概念。


Tutor Ricky is a fully professional specialty in accounting and its related subjects. He understands the student’s strengths and weaknesses of the study and is enthusiastic to share with them the useful techniques in applying to exams so that students can find it easy to master the complicated academic concepts.

Tutorial Subjects [補習學科]

學生/家長評語: Testimonials:


Anson: Student (Associate Degree) Course: Financial Accounting

"Ricky 是位經驗豐富的會計導師,他耐心教導,會了解學生的疑難,因材施教,解決學生的問題,能與家長保持聯絡,跟進學生的進度,從而提升學生的成績!"


Kenny: Student (Master Degree) Courses: 1.Financial Accounting, 2.Financial Management and 3.Management Accounting

“Ricky always patience in guiding me to enrich my accounting knowledge which is crucial on my continuous study for the professional qualifications”


Jess: Student (Master Degree) Courses: 1.Financial Accounting and 2.Hong Kong Taxation

"It is a pleasure to recommend Ricky as your private tutor of finance and accounting related professional subject and examination. Ricky demonstrates particular strengths in training and guiding the students to understand and answer the questions by practicing lots of different question examples. He is very patient and sincere to explain the problems that students usually meet which is very helpful for answering the questions in the examination."


Miko: Student (Higher Diploma) Course: Financial Accounting

"謝謝 Ricky sir幫我補 financial accounting,assignment 同 exam 都考得好好成績!謝謝你的心機及耐性去教導!"


Ivan: Student (Bachelor’s degree) Courses: 1.Hong Kong Taxation and 2.Management Accounting

"Ricky在 Hong Kong Taxation和 Management Accounting這兩個 Modules上幫助了我很多,上他的 tutorials時,他耐心講述課程的內容,還不時給予額外的練習讓我操練,臨近考試時還提供免費的 mock exam讓我熟習考試形式和答題技巧,最終我才能取得不錯的成績。"


Jessie: Student (Bachelor’s degree) Course: Corporate Finance

"Ricky’s tutorial unlike other tutorial centre, he encourages students to step back and reconsider the practices in reality. He gave out many corporate examples from reality to invite student to ponder the nature of finance. His teaching also puts calculations into a form that is understandable to students instead of learning by note."

Students came from Universities as below



Local universities:

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

The City University of Hong Kong (CityU)

The Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU)

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK)